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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Action Comics #528 - Feb. 1982

Comics Weekend "Land-Masters of the Sea!" by Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk, and Frank Chiaramonte.

Picking up from last issue, Aquaman got zapped by an outer space beam, transporting him to the homeworld of an alien creature
Aquaman is introduced to the denizens of the undersea community, called Vortuma. Aquaman is greeted warmly, but the tour is cut short when his guide senses great danger, and pulls Aquaman inside!

The "danger" are the two underwater goons we saw attack Air Wave last issue, called The Land-Masters. Its explained that they live outside Vortuma, and regularly come into the city and steal food and other vital supplies.

They make a bee-line for Vortuma's leader, but Aquaman steps in and breaks it up. One of them seems to have amazing powers, as he creates a Red Tornado-style whirlpool and aims it Aquaman!

Aquaman manages to "reverse" the whirlpool (a trick he learned from The Flash!), and knocks both of the Land-Masters out.

The governor of Vortuma is thankful, but scared for Aquaman's safety:
...Aquaman learns that the planet used to be a lush, floral paradise, until a horrible blight left it barren. Soon after, the Land-Masters appeared, and enslaved the inhabitants of Vortuma.

Aquaman now realizes what he has to do:
...to be continued!

I love the recurring character trait of Aquaman that he makes it a personal crusade to help out the various creatures of the sea, whether they be from Earth or another planet. He can't stand surface dwellers--any surface dwellers--inflicting pain or subjugation on beings of the sea.

And, odds be damned, Aquaman's gonna step in! Be back here next Saturday to see the next installment of Action Comics!

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Randy said...

You know what is bothering me most about this? I remember reading the Aquaman story. It's totally familiar to me. But looking at that cover, I do not remember the Superman story at all.