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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Action Comics #527 - Jan. 1982

Comics Weekend "Air Wave Under The Waves!" by Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk, and Dennis Jensen.

Picking up from last weekend, we're continuing our look at Aquaman's run in the early-1980s Action Comics, written by Bob Rozakis.

Last issue's Aquaman segment was a self-contained story, where Aquaman teamed up with The Atom. He has to share his back-up slot with another guest star, this time it's Air Wave
Air Wave gets attacked by a group of uniformed goons, but they run right past him and instead attack the octopus!

He manages to scare them off, but the octopus has been hurt. Before Air Wave can figure out a way to communicate with the creature, he finds himself beamed out of the room, back to where he started!

Dropping out of his cape, he sees a miniaturized version of the octopus. He sees it obviously needs water, so he brings it to his cousin's apartment, where there's a fish tank. Not knowing what to do with this creature, he asks for help from his mentor, Hal Jordan!

He tells Hal the story, who says if the need to communicate with sea life, he knows just the person to contact:
...finally! It's page six already, I was wondering when Aquaman would show up!

Anyway, Air Wave and Green Lantern catch up with Aquaman, and they tell him what's happened. Aquaman tries to telepathically communicates with the creature, but fails. When Air Wave explains the nature of the "beam" that zapped him, Aquaman surmises it sounds a lot like a Zeta Beam, the one that zaps Adam Strange and carries him to Rann!

They guess that maybe another planet has perfected the Zeta Beam technology:
...to be continued!

Never having been a big fan of Air Wave, as a kid I was frustrated that Aquaman had to share space with him, especially considering the back-up was just a measly eight pages. Now I don't mind it so much--I like the way Rozakis weaved the three rotating characters in and out of each other's stories.

On a side note: I think I'd like to get the "Forward, brother whales!" panel made into a t-shirt.


Randy said...

I always liked this particular story because actually I was a fan of Air Wave. I like the concept of the character. Also, the fact that he is a 'legacy' character and is a Golden Age character. I wish they would do more with him.

I totally agree with you about the 'Brother Whales' panel. If you get it made into a t-shirt, please make one for me too. XL please. :)

Russell said...

I never understood why GL and Airwave didn't just go WITH Aquaman. (Because this wasn't an issue of JLA, I guess!)