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Thursday, March 12, 2009

DC Super Friends Coloring Book

"Danger From The Deep!"

This super-fun color and activity book was sent to me by my pal and F.O.A.M. members Charles Howell, who found it in a place we've come to call "The Magic Grocery Store"--a supermarket that, often as not, seems to have hard to find items like JLU or Brave and the Bold figures, when they are nowhere to be seen at the local Target. It is presumably located behind a bureau of some kind.

Anyway, I didn't even know this book existed, so it was a great treat to find it in my mailbox one morning.

And it was just as nice to see that Aquaman has a major presence in the book:
...that's how I would look, if Aquaman came and rescued me.

A week or two later after this book arrived, Darlin' Tracy and I went to visit some friends of ours, whose son absolutely loves comic books, superheroes, etc.

I always bring him (and his younger sister) some comics when we come to visit, so I added this book to the pile of stuff I brought along. You can imagine my delight when he spent the entire evening running back and forth, showing me each new picture he just finished coloring.

The Super Friends bring people together!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know this book existed, either!
I'll have to track it down.

I'm not sure I like the curly hair look they've got Aquaman sporting here. And I KNOW I'm not a fan of the bigger hands and feet look of these characters, but, whatever, it's new Aquaman merchandise. I'm happy.

chunky B said...


Awesome part about adding it to the stash and your friends child running back and forth to show off his work, I think you should try and scan some finished pages for the shrine.

Russel, I can see if they have any left at the ole' Magic Grocery Store next time I go if you like.

Wings1295 said...

I like the book, it's very cool. And I am okay with the "DC SUPER FRIENDS" chunky-style, it is aimed at kids and they seem to dig that right now. Whatever keeps bringing in new fans!

And I think it is VERY cool that you then gave the book to a kid to color. That's what they are for and kudos to you, Rob!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm all for this. A Super Friends in which Aquaman is important and not lame? Awesome. Let's raise that new generation of Aquaman fans who will demand he get proper treatment.

Plaidstallions said...

Rob, Check out this month's issue of Superfriends (the one with Starro on the cover) Aquaman is pitted against his team mates and there is a cut out Aquaman mask.

rob! said...


I saw that! I even ran it on the Shrine here.

Wait...you mean you haven't committed every Shrine post to memory?!?

Plaidstallions said...

Ha! I don't even have my own posts comitted to memory, i tried to rerun three of the same pictures last month.

Anonymous said...

I WOULD like whichever '70's artist actually invented the hideous "GIGUNDUS BOOTIES" look for Spandexheroes to be sentenced to wearing a pair for the rest of his natural life, though...

Great Sunday,
(read some Funnies!)
-Craig W.