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Friday, March 13, 2009

Whither DC Super Friends?

I was planning on running something else today, but then I came across this letter in the newest issue of Toyfare (#141, out this week) and I had to post it ASAP.

I've been wondering the same thing as Mr. Carrano, and here's the response (once you get past the obligatory lowbrow joke):
"Super Friends will continue for now as an Imaginex Line from Fisher Price."--what?!?

I don't understand what's going on here. Mattel is promoting the addition of Cyborg and Hawkman to the line, yet Hawkman is labeled "Unavailable" on the back of all the packages (something we covered before here).

To make matters even more confusing, the Hawkman figure did make it onto the streets in some capacity, because you can buy them on eBay. Huh?

I'm disappointed to hear that the action figure part of the DC Super Friends merchandising onslaught has been suspended. I thought they were great figures, perfect for wee kids, and I bought many, many of them to give out (not to mention keep for myself).

I know this doesn't mean the end of DCSF/Aquaman merchandise (like yesterday's coloring book), but I can't help but be sorry that the first line of figures in over thirty years to give Aquaman his own vehicle is stopping production.

We can only hope Aquaman is well-represented in the Imaginex line, and any other places the DC Super Friends show up!



David said...

Actually, the line seems to be getting a second wind in my area (central VA). No sign of Cyborg or Hawkman, but the Targets are full of new Superman, Batman and Flash figures, all with new vehicles. I got a Batman and Flash for my boys, as they're the faves and the originals were pretty beat up. The paint on both is a shade darker and not as glossy, so I can tell it's a new run.

Apparently Hawkman failed to meet some new safety standard and so was pulled from stores, but Rite-Aid drug stores went ahead and sold them anyway, accounting for those few popping up on eBay.

I'm not too disappointed as I love the Imaginext figures and find them a better size for vehicles and playsets. Hopefully this means they'll be expanding that line beyond the Dynamic Duo and their enemies (and the one Superman figure).

Wings1295 said...

Odd, cause in my local Wally World they have a bunch of the figures and stuff, including the regular and repainted Aquaman. I hope they do keep the line going.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rob. I have a suggestion for your burgeoning stack of buttons in the right hand column. How about a seperate button for FOAM members' Aquaman displays/shrines? I know you had a contest a while ago but I wasn't able to find the entry when I wanted to later,

rob! said...


I like it! Give me some time to put that together!

rob! said...


done! check for the list at the bottom of the list of FOAM members.

right now, all the links are going to one post, but i have other Shrines to post, so i'll be adding to it.

thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was fast. Someday I will send you one of those.

Aquaman guest starred in B:B&B again tonight. It didn't make much sense but it was still cool.