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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

JLA Gallery Pin-Up by Steve Pugh - 1997

This is another pin-up from the 1997 JLA Gallery comic, a book that, as I mentioned previous posts, featured a surprising amount of Aquaman-centric shots (other pin-ups from the book can be found here, here, and here), giving further credence to my theory that, among comics professionals, Aquaman is a pretty popular character.

The pin-up is by artist Steve Pugh (who would end up doing his own version of a sea-faring character), and I like everything about it--the layout, the sense of movement, the slight cartooniness of it, and the pairing of Arthur and Carter, two characters that I always thought had more in common than most other members of the JLA.

sgShameless Plug Dept.: The newest issue of TwoMorrows' Back Issue, #33, is now out in digital .pdf form (the print edition ships next week), and the reason I'm mentioning it is because it features my very first piece as a gen-u-ine writer!

Its just a little thing--a one-page piece on the Mego Teen Titans line--but I'm proud of it, and seeing my name attached to an article in a magazine I really love is a tremendous thrill.

And there are more to come...!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the article!

Wings1295 said...

Congrats Rob!

Adama said...

Congrates Rob. Your writing skills are self evident after one reads this blog, but its good to know some people in the publishing industry agree!

Anonymous said...

What they all said.

You say stuff worth saying, well - that's all there is to the writing thing.

-Craig W.

Dixon said...

It's an honor well-earned. Congratulations, Rob!

Paul Kupperberg said...

Mazel tov, Rob!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely track down a copy of this issue! Congratulations, Rob!

rob! said...

Thanks fellas! I was excited to see it in the .pdf and it'll be even cooler to see it in actual print.

I have two bigger articles on tap for BI, and of course I'll shill for them when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Rob! It's about time someone professional fished your talent out of the Interweb ocean. Here's to many more writing jobs for you!

Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

Congrats, Rob! Can't wait for my subscription copy. Will ya sign it for me?