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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Aquaman's name has been bandied around on teh internets a lot lately--right after doing a long AquaMail segment, two F.O.A.M. members sent me some choice mentions of the Sea King they found, so here we are again!

• First, from Brandan E., this quote from an interview DC head honcho Dan Didio did (whoa! Say that three times fast) at the recently held MegaCon:

Question: At the end of
Final Crisis, there is a panel with Arthur Curry, but we've also heard that Arthur Curry will be in Blackest Night. Are they the same Arthur Curry, and if so, how?

Dan Didio: They are not the same ones. One thing that Grant Morrison wanted to do was, with a big event story featuring the entire universe, some characters would be conspicuous by their absence. So the Arthur Curry used in Final Crisis is simply an alternate universe Arthur Curry who came over to help out. But the bigger story to tell is in Blackest Night. The panel in Final Crisis was simply an Easter Egg put in for the fans, but the bigger story is yet to come.

...ehh, that doesn't fill me with delight. I was really hoping Grant Morrison was simply using Final Crisis to bring Classic Aquaman back, and all someone had to do was take the ball and run with it. But...we'll see.

F.O.A.M. member Brian Knippenberg is a veritable fountain of links--I don't know how he keeps up with all this stuff--and he recently sent me this Aqua-related bit of info
concerning Brian Azzarello (from CBR):

A fan asked Brian about any future mainstream work for DC Comics, and the writer responded that Joker is his latest work, but he has stories in mind for characters such as Aquaman and Batman.

He doesn't want to commit to a long term run on any title, but he does have some stories to tell. The writer mentioned he prefers staying outside of continuity, as he wants to work with the iconic versions of the characters and not be bogged down by continuity details.

He gave the example that he has an Aquaman story in mind, but he doesn't want to deal with the water hand or hook hand or whatever the character may have going on. He wants to write comics the general public wants to read, and not just the comic reading public, and things like a water hand aren't well known".

...a Brian Azzarello Aquaman story, free of continuity? Sounds good--really good--to me. I hope DC takes him up on that.

• Here's a cool link that I discovered via Laura's Aquaman Website: Aquaman makes an appearance in a strip by James Kolchaka!

sg• And finally, check out F.O.A.M. member Caffeinated Joe's collection of custom-made Aquaman "A" icons. Way cool!

Thanks to Laura, Joe, Brandan E., and Brian for helping keeping the Shrine up to date with all the Aqua-News out there on the world wide web!

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Wings1295 said...

Aquaman in Blackest Night doesn't thrill me, either. Dang...

And thanks for the mention!