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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

DC Super Friends Flip Book - 2008

Part of the DC Super Friends merchandising juggernaut, DC Super Friends: Heroes United! is one half of a "flip book" featuring two different sections, each starring super-happy versions of Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, and, most importantly, Aquaman.
This half of the book is devoted to puzzle and activities, with each hero gets his own little bio page, and punch-out stand-up figures. (I kinda like how the Aquaman (above left) is in the same general position as one of Jose Luis Garcia Lopez's pieces of Aquaman stock art)

The second half of the book features a story called "Attack of the Robot":
As you can probably guess, it features a robot (a LexCorp robot, a nice touch) that goes crazy, and the Super Friends have to come together from all over the globe to stop it:
Once our heroes are all together, their combined smarts, powers, and teamwork more than enough to deal with some silly robot:
Not wanting to waste all that metal, they turn the robot into a playground, another nice touch. I only hope the park is visible from Lex Luthor's office window, so he has to look out and see a reminder of another failure, each and every day.

This was another item sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Russell Burbage, who also sent yesterday's JLA Calendar. I think at this point Russell has supplied more items for the Shrine than I have.


Dixon said...

"The Super Friends were the greatest heroes ever!" Truer words were never spoken.

Anonymous said...

I like to think of myself as something similar to the Earth Two version of Rob Kelly. If things had been different, I would probably have a blog like this, myself. As it is, I get a big thrill out of seeing others enjoying Aquaman as much as I do, so if it's something I'm picking up, I make sure that Rob knows about it, too.

But Rob, there have been plenty of times I see something on the shrine I had no idea about so I then call my comic book shop and say, Get me this.

Anonymous said...

My wife just read this to my son last night! I've been meaning to send scans, but I'm lazy. :-)


Adama said...

That's really awesome!

Also: Russell, I got your package. THANKS!! I'll be posting it in the Arrowcave on Monday.

Grears said...

My question For Russell: Does this mean you buy two of everything, one for you and one for Rob? That would make you the Noah of the Aquashrine :)

My passion is for all things Flash, so when I'm out Flash-finding, I always do Aqua-spotting. I am still blog-free, though!

Keep it up, though. I love the JLA. Go Russell!

Anonymous said...

Captain Jersey: I either buy two of things, or contact Rob as soon as I get home and tell him about something. Like yesterday's calendar, the guy on ebay was selling them in a pack so I bought myself one and an extra two, thinking Rob would like it. As soon as he saw it, he wanted it.

"Noah of the AquaShrine"? I think I kind of like the sound of that.

Unknown said...

I've had that standup Aquaman in my car for months, I wasn't sure where it came from.