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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Brave and The Bold Action Figure - 2008

sgA-ha! Finally the super-cool Brave and the Bold Aquaman action figure is mine!

After assuming I would have to fight off eBay Power Sellers at my local Target to get a hold of one of these babies, I was delighted to find it waiting for me as I walked in to my LCS, the wonderland that is All Things Fun.

Not thinking they would be made available for single orders via comic shops (like how the JLU figures aren't), it never even crossed my mind. Luckily for me, ATF's owners (and F.O.A.M. members) Ed and Dee Evans order every Aqua-Item that crosses their Previews-stained hands, whether I ask for it or not. (Now that's customer service!)

I couldn't bear to take Arthur out of his package yet (even though I've seen Toy Story 2 a few times), and since I'm such a sucky photographer, I'm using this stock photo for the post. Maybe if I buy a second to keep in mint...

In any case, its a nice looking figure, and the packaging is just swell. Maybe, just maybe, Mattel will do a send-in-your-proof-of-purchases offer for a mail-in Mera or Ocean Master figure?

Hey, I can dream, can't I?


Anonymous said...

My son and I found the deluxe figures this weekend, but we passed on olive-drab Aquaman. We both want the REAL Aquaman!!!

I LOVE the packaging on these. The best any comic line has had in years.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you got one!I've been trying to find an Aquaman (not the deluxe) for myself and my son, but they've sold out quickly in several stores!

chunky B said...

Arggggh! Now I'm on the hunt for two Aquaman figures! Three if you count the ever elusive mint, inexpensive Mego, LOL!

Joe said...

I just have to share!

I've always been a fan of Aquaman, but only recently have I started to go out and buy character merchandise.

I go to Wal*Mart a couple times a week because I live nearby, and two days ago (that's Nov. 10 2010) I went and their Brave and the Bold figures were cleared out, "To be expected", I thought.

Well I went again today, and found this! I think they must have been moving perhaps the last of their figures out of the back!

I feel very lucky!