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Friday, January 09, 2009

Brave and The Bold: Black Manta - 2008

sgThe Brave and the Bold Aquaman figure wasn't the only super-keen thing handed to me yesterday at All Things Fun--I got the Brave and the Bold Black Manta action figure, too!

The Black Manta pictured here looks pretty visually consistent with the version we've all come to know and love. It's interesting to think how long Manta has been around--even made it to television--and yet it took until 2008 for him to start appearing in mass-marketed action figure lines. This is his second figure in less than a year!

I've seen that Mattel is also releasing a couple of these figures--including Aquaman--in "deluxe" versions, with different uniforms and extra accessories. I'd love to see them maybe try a couple with voice chips in them--after all, who wouldn't want to hear that very, distinctive very badass voice emanating from their Black Manta action figure?

By the way--be sure to watch Brave and The Bold tonight, because the opening team-up segment will feature Batman and B'Wana Beast--yes, B'Wana Beast--taking on ol' Manta here.

Black Manta, getting defeated by B'Wana Beast? Oh, the indignity...

Speaking of Brave and the Bold, F.O.A.M. member Brian Knippenberg sent me this clipping from a recent issue of TV Guide, featuring a shot of the B&B version of The Atom, plus some tidbits about the upcoming Batman-Atom-Aquaman team-up episode, airing Jan. 30. Thanks Brian!


thomas said...

Last year's Black Manta from the DC Universe Classics beat him to that first mass marketed distinction, though the fact that we've had two Black Manta figures and three or four Aquaman figures on the shelves at Targets and Wal-Mart in less than two a year's time is still pretty amazing, I think.

rob! said...

I completely forgot about DCU figure--jeez! Duly corrected, and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Rob...On another note...what happen to the aquaman sweatshirt drive from 80sTee? Did they refuse to do it?


rob! said...

F.O.A.M.er Eric Stettmeier was the one behind the page at The Point, and he emailed 80sTees about their promise a few weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything since.

Eric, you out there?

Grears said...

Ok... 2 questions...

Why do retailers make it so hard to find the figures that we want? Whenevr I go into Target they have empty pegs- or lots and lots of the same Adam Strange figure over the whole section... Doesn't anyone ever re-stock/re-order these things? Also why do the manufacturerers insist on bundling so many figures tht people don't want, thereby crowding out the figures that will sell? - I know these questions are all rhetorical.

Now my real question: Is it OK now to rip open the packages and touch the actual figure yet? I have lots of figures that I get at clearance prices that I never opened due to this paranoia the toy police are going to come get me if I open up he package...

chunky B said...

Great add another figure to the list, throw in a "normal" Batman from this line and I'm off to pull my hair out looking for these, LOL.

Hey Rob! ask your comic shop to think about opening a branch here in Texas, they sound like real nice folks!

Derek said...

"Why do retailers make it so hard to find the figures that we want? Whenevr I go into Target they have empty pegs- or lots and lots of the same Adam Strange figure over the whole section... Doesn't anyone ever re-stock/re-order these things?"

I work at a Target. Trust me, we aren't purposely trying to screw over our customers.

Even when our system is working optimally, it can take up to two weeks to restock something that's sold out. And our system generally doesn't reorder any toys until they are sold out.

Which is a pain when you have to deal with an empty wall of Bakugan toys or (more personally) empty pegs of those 6" DC figures. We've waited months to get refills of both, which is, frankly, ridiculous. But out of our hands.

What's worse is what you mentioned. Not being sold out because of twenty unsold Adam Strange figures or Grand Moff Tarkin Star Wars figures means our distribution center will never replenish our stock. Not until the next series or wave is released.

So yeah, it's just as frustrating to us as it is for you. We'd love to take your money, but the system is just broken.

Grears said...


Sorry about that... not accusing the retailers...Just like you said, the system is broken. Maybe I better go buy some Adam Strange figures!


Derek said...

It's cool.

Sorry if I sounded angry or something. I was just trying to explain.

The problem lies somewhere between the toy companies not making enough and the retailers not selling enough.

If there's an easy solution, I sure don't see it.