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Friday, January 09, 2009

Breaking News - Aquaman Hoodie II

sgSome of you have asked me what--if any--progress there was concerning The Aquaman Hoodie, a product of 80Tees.com, since F.O.A.M. member Eric Stettmeier organized an online petition to corral the requisite number of pre-orders (200) to have the hoodie put back into production.

Well, we finally have some news. Eric just emailed me to tell me that the hoodie has been put back into production--sort of.

If you go to this page on the 80sTees.com site, you'll find an official pre-order page, along with a little description of the long, hard road The Aquaman Hoodie has traveled.

What you'd be doing by signing up over there is telling the company that you would order one once its in stock. If 200 people make that promise, then the company will know they won't lose their shirts making this thing.

So I implore all you AquaFans out there to please place a pre-order. If you come to this blog regularly, its because you have an affinity for the eternal underdog Aquaman. You can't let him get left behind as his fellows JLAers Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern ride off into Hoodie glory!

Get it for yourself, get it for a friend, or get it just because you love Aquaman, and you want the world to know!

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