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Monday, July 28, 2008

Chilean Super Friends Stamp Album, Part 1 - 1982

This is one page (of a few) of a Super Friends sticker/stamp album sent to me by a F.O.A.M. member whose name I've misplaced (I'm a little embarrassed by that; I've since come up with a better way of keeping track of such things, so if you're the one who sent these to me, clue me in so I can give you proper credit!).

These stickers use much softer, more painterly coloring, which I think gives them a nice, unusual look.

In addition, this page features Aquaman, Aqualad, and Mera (sadly not stickered in place), so it's a very Aqua-centric page!

Anybody know who or what "Los Gemelos Fantasticos" is?

Update: Darlin' Tracy, who knows a little Spanish, figured it out for me--"Wonder Twins."

Update 2: Based on a comment left by a reader named Sergio, I have corrected my original post. These stickers were Super Friends-based, not Super Powers toy line-based, as I had originally said. Thanks Sergio for setting me straight!

Thanks to F.O.A.M.er John Lijewski III, here are some more photos of the Aquaman Brave and the Bold figures, including Black Manta and an Aquaman variant:
...between the Brave and the Bold, DC Universe, DC Universe Classics, and DC Super Friends toy lines, Aquaman is going to have a huge presence in toy aisles in 2009.

Thanks John!


Permanus said...

"Los Gemelos Fantasticos", unless I'm much mistaken, would be the Wonder Twins.

chunky B said...

That Krypto sticker is my favorite of the bunch, I also dig the Batichica!

The Black Manta figure looks pretty sweet, and holy cow a variant Aquaman, funny if they made a scuba one with a water helmet...

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the Aquaman fans (such as me). I'm from Chile and I remember perfectly that stamps album, 'cause I had it with all their stickers! Sadly, my Mom threw it away couple of years ago... but let me precise some things: those figures were painted by a famous comics artist here in Chile, Themo Lobos (that was his artistic nickname)based on the DC comic guide style from the wonderful José Luis García López. It was launched in 1982, so it had nothing to do with the Super Powers line, but from the Super Friends show, which was a fan favourite by that time in my country, and it was a huge success. Along with all the DC heroes stamps, it also included three stories of Superman, Batman and Robin. And yes, Los Gemelos Fantásticos means indeed The Wonder Twins.

rob! said...


thanks for the corrections! i hate when i get stuff wrong, so i've corrected the post!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I don't want to appear just as "anonymous". My name is Sergio, I'm a journalist from the main newspaper in Chile, "El Mercurio", and a DC superheroes ever! I read your blog everyday Rob, in fact I have it as one of my favourites.

Greetings from Santiago!

Anonymous said...

Can't ... help ... myself ...

Beard ... growing ... on .... me ...

That's some funky coloring on Aqualad, huh?

rob! said...

>>Can't ... help ... myself ...

Beard ... growing ... on .... me ...<<

ha! i knew it would.


welcome! always glad to see aquaman has fans all over the world.

btw, if you enjoyed today's post, i'll be posting 2 more pages of this stuff for the next 2 mondays.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob, I'll be waiting for them. Bring back old and good memories!


Bubbashelby said...

I'm really digging Purple Manta!

What? Who? But he's more purple than...

...oh all right.

I'm really digging Black Manta!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rob, I have a question: this upcoming DC Universe Classics line you've mentioned; is that a Four Horsemen-sculpted line just like the present DC Universe figures, or is it by a different company?

Do you have any more information about what the Aquaman in that line will look like?

By the way, super-excited that Aquaman now has a variant figure, a vehicle playset (the Aqua-Sub from Super Friends), and that awesome Camo-suit figure.

Viva El Hombre de Agua! (And please pardon my Spanglish.)

rob! said...


the DCU Classic line is already out--they are Star Wars-sized figures, with characters like Prof Zoom, Captain Marvel, Adam Strange as part of the line. it's a strangely non-commercial line to be selling in big box stores like Target, but i love that they're there!

i don't know what version of Aquaman will be the one they use, but i'm betting itll be Classic Aquaman.

Bubbashelby said...


The 3-3/4" figures are technically called DC Infinite Heroes. The moniker DC Universe Classics refers to the larger 6" figures.

To answer Andy's question: the smaller DC Infinite Heroes figures are not sculpted by the Four Horsemen, but the larger 6" DC Universe Classics and the Movie Masters figures are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Rob and bubbashelby, now I know which line DC Universe Classics is, I saw them in Toyfare magazine recently, I think. Bubbashelby, I have one more question, if you don't mind indulging the queries of a complete stranger: Is the Movie Masters line related to DC Comics at all?

Thanks again, you guys, this blog rules 3/4 of the Earth's surface!

Anonymous said...

hello friend

hello rob i RAMIRO from argentina , i sent the pictures about SUPER FRIENDS made in chile and others SUPER POWERS STICKERS!!!! so ILIKE VERY MUCH YOUR SITE