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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Breaking News - SDCC, Part 2

sgMore breaking action figure news from the San Diego Comic Con!

Pioneer F.O.A.M. member Chris Franklin pointed out to me that Action Figure Insider is running photos of the new Brave and the Bold action figures, to tie-in with the new cartoon series.

And along with Batman and some alien baddie, is Aquaman!
...I dunno, I like that beard. He looks like like Richard Burton in Camelot.

Thanks for the tip Chris!


Richard said...

I dunno, Aquaman with a beard, but Green Arrow without one...the folks making this thing are all over the map!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rob, do ya think the "alien baddie" in the pic might be Kanjar Ro? It kinda looks like him, if he's been hittin' the 'roids sumthin fierce.

As for Artie, I like the beard too; it feels like middle ground between the classic and "pirate" Aquaman looks.

It also looks like the show designers are re-introducing the black boots to Aquaman's costume, like he had in the Filmation show. Does anybody else see that?

Plus, no yellow "A" belt? (Boy, I am in a nit-picky mood today!)

rob! said...

it wouldn't surprise me if that is Kanjar Ro; good eyes, Andy!

as for Aquaman's belt...that should be there, no doubt.

i'm wondering if either A)these figures are not-totally-finished prototypes, or B)like Bats, arthur's belt will be separately attached, and someone at Mattel left it back in their suitcase at the Hilton.


yeah, the beard-switching is odd, but at least they're not making up GA's look; just going back to an older one. (its weird, those 9" mego-like dolls that came out in the late 90s did the same thing!)

Hatter J said...

At TNI they also have a pic of the animated black manta figure.

Here is the link:http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=view&album=2008_SDCC%2FDay_3%2FMattel%2FBatman_Brave_And_The_Bold%2F&pic=231.jpg&dispsize=600&start=0

There is also going to be an Aquaman repaint of some sort here: http://i.toynewsi.com/g/index.php?mode=view&album=2008_SDCC%2FDay_3%2FMattel%2FBatman_Brave_And_The_Bold&pic=220.jpg&dispsize=600&start=0

I too like this look. From what I understand about the early info is that this figures will all have the ability to snap accessories onto their bodies. Maybe that's why Art's belt is missing. Or it could be that these are the rough protos. Most of them are straight repaints from one body mold, and on the Aqua-variant, you can see the traditional bats grey around the arm and leg joints.