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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Aquaman #56 Ad - 1971

This as isn't one of DC's all-time best, but it ain't too bad, all in all.

It helps that this ad happens to be promoting two excellent series,
Aquaman and Son of Tomahawk, who for my money were firing on all thrusters around this time. Plus both covers (by Joe Kubert and Nick Cardy, respectively) are eye-catching.

Interesting(?) to note, somewhere along the way, the "The Creature That Devoured Detroit!" title text got re-oriented, presumably to make it easier to read:

Ok, we all remember this:
...when last we left this story, I contacted the president of the company making this hoodie (80s Tees.com), who was very nice but told me they would have to get between 150-200 pre-orders of this shirt for it to be put back into production.

Last Wednesday, I asked for a virtual headcount, and we got a total of 17 orders. While that's a great start, obviously it's not enough. I didn't know what to do.

Luckily, our newest F.O.A.M. member Eric Stettmeier stepped up to the plate, and created a place where all potential orders--not just from people who happen to come here--can, with just a few clicks, state they want to order one of these babies.

Eric's belief, and I agreed, is that if there was one, easy-to-use-and-find location for everyone to "sign up", it would help increase orders. So if you or anyone you know might want one of these beauties, head over to the page Eric created called
It's A Cold Day In Atlantis and make your voice heard!

Thanks Eric!!


Scurvy said...

Great Idea. I'll post this on my blog too for the 2 people who actually read it. :D

Anonymous said...

I worked in Detroit for about two years (2001-2003). My office was a cubicle with a lot of other engineers. I made a color xerox of that issue of Aquaman ("The Creature That Devoured Detroit") and posted it in my cube, and left it up for several months. I only ever got one comment about it. One day the president of the firm stopped by my office and looked at it and said, "That's very interesting, Richard."

Anyway, Detroit is not on Lake Erie, or whichever lake Steve Skeates said the 'creature' came from. The creature would have had quite a commute to get to the city.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the last issue of the original run of Aquaman? You would think Arthur would learn to stay out of Detroit. First this, and then the disasterous JL-Detroit team he founded.


Adama said...

Just put the link the new post on the Arrowcave. Only a few people actually read the blog, but they'll know about our dilemma!

Bubbashelby said...

Hey Rob, you need to send an email about this to Ben Stout of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

If they talked about it on TV we would easily hit the 200 mark, and maybe we can come on the show in our hoodies when we get them!

Now THAT would be a show!

Anonymous said...

Sure looks to me like Detroit's on a lake.


Anonymous said...

Whatever the nature of the tale inside, that is one of the best Aqua-covers ever!