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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Breaking News - Aquaman Vs. The Hulk!

sgIn the comments section, F.O.A.M. member Andy Luckett pointed out a silly--yet vitally important--online poll that's going on over at the Chicago Tribune's website, where you can vote for the best superhero of all time.

Its starting with various one-on-one face-offs, and our hero Aquaman has been paired up against...The Incredible Hulk!

Here's what it looks like

...and here's where the voting stands as of now. It ain't pretty, Aquaman fans:
...this can not stand! First off, look at the comments left above: the question is "Who is the better superhero?", not Who Can Beat Who, so the Hulk fans--like their hero--are seemingly too dumb to even understand the question they're being asked! Are we gonna let Aquaman lose some meaningless poll like this? Hell no, I say!

So I implore everyone who is reading this to go
here and vote for the King of the Seven Seas!

Thanks for the tip, Andy!


Siskoid said...

Plus, the Hulk is an antihero at best, a menace at worst. He's not a very good superhero at all.

Adama said...

I think you may have had some impact, Rob! Looks like Arthur has gain a couple percentage points.

Doug Slack said...

I cannot join you in this battle, old friend.