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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aquaman Around The World Week, Part 3 - 1977


More foreign edition comics, this time an issue of Superman (?) that features a real smorgasbord (if I may mix my cultural references) of stories. And like last issue, the logo manages to make it look as though Superman is participating in the action.

Or, in this case, not, since as Aquaman is about to get reeled in by The Fisherman, Superman is flying by without stopping to help--maybe he was busy ("I don't have time for the friggin' Fisherman, for Rao's Sake! I have to go stop Darkseid!").

The comic measures about 7 and 1/2" high, and features stories
reprinted from American DCs of all different time periods, as you can see from the diverse splash pages:
"Flecha Verde"--I think I like that more than "Green Arrow."

The inside cover to this comic also features an ad for...Archie Comics! What the heck is going around here?

Location: Mexico!


Adama said...

Dude, Flecha Verde is now my new exclamation!

"Flecha Verde, that was an amazing dinner!"

"Flecha Verde, a copy of More Fun Comics #73 for only $5!"

rob! said...

i figured you'd like that splash, adam. feel free to use it for the Arrowcave!