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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Aquaman Around The World Week, Part 4 - 1982


Man, are these adorable.

These are the Super Jrs., a group of DC's finest heroes as tiny tots that were originally created for the foreign markets, but a few things here and there with them have made their way to American shores.

This is a package of five paper plates featuring, as you can see, Lil' Superman, Lil' Batman, Lil' Robin, Lil' Wonder Woman, Lil' Flash, Lil' Green Lantern, Lil' Green Arrow, and, best of all, Lil' Aquaman!

The Super Jrs. even appeared in an American DC comic--
Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #58--but sadly Lil' Aquaman was not included.

Location: Argentina!


Anonymous said...

Oh no, more Super Jrs. merchandise for the wife to hunt ebay for!!!

Look how lil' Green Lantern is colored here. Makes the GL Corps uniform look like a Sweatin' To The Oldies leotard. For shame on the colorist!

I think we have only one item with lil' Aquaman, and that's a Super Jrs. pillow that copies the layout of that classic JLA treasury book.


Adama said...


Plaidstallions said...

awww, wook at his chubby widdle legs.

Anonymous said...


The whole rage to infantilize characters that are already kid-friendly is a diaper full!

Muppet Babies, Tiny Toons...

A Teeny Poopie on all of them!

-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

I think Super Jrs. was the first to really market a "line" of younger versions of already popular characters like this. Like 'em or not, they were innovative!