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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Aquaman Around The World Week, Part 2 - 1977


These are covers to some German and Austrailian-edition DC Comics, as sent to me by F.O.A.M. member George Rears.

I love the cover to Wonder Comic Monthly, where the logo, combined with Nick Cardy's art from Aquaman #45, makes it sorta look like Superman is coming to help! What fun!

George spent some of his formative years in Germany, and he writes about the German books specifically in a post today over at
Hey Kids, Comics! (George has written so many pieces for Hey Kids! I'm thinking of changing the blog's title to Hey George, Comics!)

The Superman Tasenbuch cover--an intriguing one--is by Bob Oksner, and the Justice League of America cover is by Dick Dillin. And as you can see, Aquaman is in trouble on all three!

Location: Germany and Australia!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Rob, I just got back from Japan, and try as I might, I couldn't find any Japanese Aquaman stuff. I DID, however, find some French and I presume Dutch comics with Aquaman in them. I'll send them to you soon. By the way, are you sure that's George Tuska? It looks a lot like Joe Staton from here...

Anonymous said...

I think it's Bob Oskner. I think TwoMorrows used that same cover for a Oskner cover feature.


rob! said...

Upon further research, E2 Chris is right--its Oksner. ooops!

Anonymous said...

Oskner tended to "borrow" the style of other artists. His Superman usualy looked very Swan-like. His Batman there looks like Irv Novick, etc.


Grears said...

One thing...

I might have mislwd Rob--- the Wonder and Mighty Comics are from Australia...

The other one is definietly German.

Now about Oskner- the definitive images in my mind of both Mary Marvel and Supergirl are his illustrations... I think he was able to keep a light mood even with his "serious" super hero books. I love his 70's work on Supergirl and Shazam!


rob! said...

i misunderstood, George--sorry 'bout that. corrected!