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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

World's Finest Ad - 1980

My pal and F.O.A.M. member Rick Phillips had this ad up on his Mail It To Team-Up blog, so of course as soon as I saw the Sea King on it I asked him if I could use it, too. Rick is nothing if not generous.

Even though there's no issue number shown, this ad is promoting the new WF line-up of Superman/Batman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Arrow, and Shazam! that started with World's Finest #264 and ended...just two issues later, when Aquaman got replaced by Red Tornado (who would then get replaced by Zatanna...until DC finally gave up and stopped with the Dollar Comic format altogether).

I'm not exactly sure who drew it, but it looks very Joe Staton to me, though I'm not sure of the inker. And while the ad itself is just great, I love the Black Canary down there in almost all black...that looks really cool!


Anonymous said...

I second the Joe Staton assessment (it's got all his artistic 'tells' going: running poses, hands, etc.) and, though it's hard to tell at this size, I'm thinking Giordano on inks. My eye first went to the Captain Marvel face which -- again, at the reduced size -- looked totally Don Newton.

Joe, BTW, is doing a strip for the new magazine I'm working at WWE KIDS. So is John Byrne. Guess us Charlton alumnus have to stick together.

Paul K.

Adama said...

You're right, that Black Canary is awesome! Plus GA makes an appearance, AND Adam Strange is holding up the mail-in form. Goods times all around!

Plaidstallions said...

The Captain Marvel is terrific, I liked when DC was modernizing his appearance.

Anonymous said...

I echo the Staton statements. The few times I've seen Staton draw BC, he spotted heavy blacks on her. The last JSA story in Adventure, and then that BC story in the last 80s Secret Origins issue.

I remember that ad, and I thought it was really cool. I loved WF back then. Such bang for your buck! Plus the Daily Planet page on the back!


Anonymous said...

Great ad! It's definitely got to be Staton, and my guess is Bob Layton on inks since the faces look very similar to the way he was inking him on the All-Star Comics revival happening around the same time.

Rick L. Phillips said...

Thanks for posting this and the link to Mail it to team-up. I am pretty sure it is Joe Stanton as Adam Strange and Superman look like his art.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely Joe Staton. The inker is Dave Hunt, IMHO. They worked together often. Check out the mouths and eyes...they look like Hunt to me. BTW, Joe has come out and said that he did not care for what Bob Layton did with his pencils in All Star Comics. That's weird, as I think that pairing is the best either have ever looked. (sigh)

Anonymous said...

Good call on Dave Hunt. He inked a lot for DC back then. I too have read that Staton doesn't care much for Layton's inks. Unfortunately it sounds like they had a falling out toward the end of the All-Star run.