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Monday, March 24, 2008

DC Comics Style Guide, Part 1 - 1980s

This is the wraparound cover to a DC Comics Style Guide, generously sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Ramiro, who also sent those Super Amigos sticker pages that I've been posting occasionally. Thanks Ramiro!

If you click the image to see a larger version, you can see the amazing breadth of characters included here by, of course, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.

You've got some of the Legion of Super-Heroes, The Spectre, The Warlord, Elongated Man, even some of the Super Jrs.! Wow!

This is the Super Powers line that haunts my dreams...


Diabolu Frank said...

Someone at DC needs to bring back that infantilized Justice League from the 1970's. They were so cute I could just puke, and they make the Tiny Titans look overly sophisticated by comparison.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have a pretty good collection of Super Jrs stuff. I think DC was way ahead of the curve with them. The 80s and 90swere full of "Kiddie" versions of existing properties, Muppet Babies, Flinstone Kids, Tom and Jerry Kids, etc. And now there's Baby Looney Tunes, but the Super Jrs. came first.

That pic right there is the DCU to me. As I said before, the classic heroes at their zenith, pre-crisis, and pre-angst.


Adama said...

As awesome as it is the have Green Arrow and Aquaman fron and center (on the back, but bear with me) where the hell is Martian Manhunter? I mean seriously, we have Plastic Man, but no MM?

Anonymous said...

If this is the actual 82 style guide, the lack of J'onn makes sense. It wasn't until he was brought back into the "Detroit" League that he regained any stature in the DCU. He was pretty much a forgotten character in the 70s and early 80s, barring reprints and a few random guest shots.


Rick L. Phillips said...

Would you mind if I posted this image on Plastic Man Platitudes? It does have him on the image. Also you should check out the site I started called Comic Book Letterheads.
As far as the infantilized JLA goes I never heard of them. When did they come out?

Adama said...

Rick, good idea. GA gets a pretty front and center spot on the back cover, might be good fodder for the Arrowcave. How 'bout it Rob!, would that be okay?

rob! said...

sure guys, right-click away! any GA or Plas-related stuff that shows up here, feel free to use for your particular Shrines. :)

oh, and the Supers Jrs were created for the foreign markets around 1983 or so, and here and there they made their way into american licensing and even one DC digest:


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's just beautiful. You don't really get much better than Garcia Lopez's work. I agree with Earth 2 Chris, by the way. That's the DCU to me, and likely always will be.

Anonymous said...

A little clarification on the Super Jrs. from someone who is borderline obsessive about them. Super Jrs. merchandise is mostly dated 77-79. DC did indeed have comics of the Jrs created for foreign markets around that time, and the one lone US comic appearance was that DC Digest years later.

Super Jrs appeared on squeak toys, curtains, pillows, wall paper, flash cards, clothing, etc. About everything but regular-sized US comics!

Our son's room was originally decorated in Super Jrs. curtains and wallpaper. So we're serious about the Jrs.!


Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

I always find it odd in these group shots when Flash is not in the lead. Even Mini-Robin is whupping him.

rob! said...

i assume the flash is humoring everyone as not to make them feel bad.