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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Total Justice Coloring Book, Part 2 - 1997

More from the Total Justice coloring book, courtesy F.O.A.M. member Damian Maffei.

Interesting that they bothered to work in Barbara Gordon, who seems even more dignified when posed next to the heroes of the DCU in their uber-silly "Fractal Tech-Gear."

And on the second page, all I can of think of is: "Ok everybody, stop playing on Darkseid!"


Damian said...


Why the hell is Superman dressed like Ming the Merciless?

And there he is... Dances with Hawkman

Diabolu Frank said...

I had a copy of the TJ coloring book given to me by a customer nearly a decade ago. I still haven't pulled a scan off it, and I had it when my old Manhunter site was still up. Maybe if I hit a rough patch, or need filler during a Despero theme week...

chunky B said...

Wow, they even included that horrible missle launcher Aquaman came with, plus the spike things on his back!

That's craptacular!