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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Total Justice Coloring Book, Part 1 - 1997

My pal and F.O.A.M. member Damian Maffei emailed me a few weeks ago asking me if I owned the Total Justice coloring book, since it did feature some Aquaman stuff in it.

My reaction was swift: "There's a Total Justice coloring book?!?" Why had no one informed me of this?

Apparently there was a bit of a marketing push for the (IMO) ill-advised and downright goofy TJ line, and no line of tie-ins is complete without a coloring book(I think there was even--Neptune help us--some sort of audio adventure book and cassette set. I've gotta track that down someday!).

So Damian helpfully sent me a few pages of coloring/game pages, and they are every bit as goofy as the figures themselves--even more so, I'd say, since the coloring book is trying to look all kid-friendly and happy, and yet it's based on a toy line all about Channeling Your Rage and/or injecting steroids into your buttocks(sorry, Roger Clemens has been in the news a lot lately).


Tegan said...

I have the Total Justice audio, but not the coloring book. I still can't, after all these years, get the stupid Total Justice theme out of my head. You've been warned.

Anonymous said...

Rob, if Total Justice is enough to make your Aqua-Mood "Happy," I can't wait to see what something awesome takes you. :-)
BTW, have you watched NEW FRONTIER yet? Is it any good?

rob! said...

the Aqua Moods don't necessarily match what's going on in the post, more how i'm feeling at the time of posting.

i have watched NF, i need to write up a review for the JLA Satellite!

Damian said...

Look at those silly heads.

Nice, working in the steroids angle.