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Monday, March 03, 2008

Super Heroes Vitamins Ad - 1977

"When will these hallucinations stop?"

I saw someone selling this ad on eBay, I kinda love how eBay has almost single-handedly turned anything--anything--into a potential revenue stream. A vitamin ad from an musty old magazine? Let's put it up there and see who salutes(if I may mix my metaphors)!

I have yet find a box of the actual vitamins on sale on eBay, but now that I know the Sea King is on the package(and maybe even--dare to dream--there's Aquaman-shaped vitamins?) I desperately want one!

Notice how they have Aquaman in the center of the ad, because he is the most important.


Damian said...

What she doesn't know is... that Ray is in her coffee.

Anonymous said...

No Superman on the packaging or ad? Maybe a legal matter what with the film being so close to that time?

Anonymous said...

The original sketch for this can be found in one of those Neal Adams Treasury books. I saw this there and nearly had a heart attack. I never, EVER saw the actual vitamins, though.

Doug said...

I remmeber having the vitamins. Damned if I can recall the pose Aquaman was in for the vitamins, but yes, he was one of the shapes.

rob! said...

i think Superman had his own vitamins, so this was a "rest of the DCU" brand.

there were Aquaman vitamins??? i will not rest until i get my hands on them!

Anonymous said...

"Notice how they have Aquaman in the center of the ad, because he is the most important.'

Or the most orange!

Britt Schramm said...

I'll admit that I have a Jenna Fischer obsession but doesn't the mom in this ad look like Pam from "the Office"?

Anonymous said...

Man, I would SO have taken these vitamins! Where were they when I was a kid?