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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Justice "Armored" Figure - 2008

sgThis is another one of those items that my pals at All Things Fun assumed I wanted because it was Aquaman--and they were right.

That said, I bought it only because I have the Curse of the Obsessive Collector, who needs anything and everything even remotely connected to their obsession. If I was just a little less so, I'd have let this one go by.

Not that it's a badly-made or unattractive figure--it's by DC Direct, after all--it's just that there could be anybody under there, and it's a figure from what was(to me) the most cravenly, nakedly commercial part of the Justice mini-series, when all the heroes got coated in various members of the Metal Men, which seemed to have no greater purpose than to have an excuse to create a line of action figures.

Which they did, and of course I bought one. I guess I should be glad DC Direct didn't charge for two action figures, since that's technically what this is!


Damian said...

Hey wow, that is... such... a cool... fig...

NO! I hate it! Ptew!

Of course I'd pick me up armored Atom, but it doesn't mean I'd have to like it.

Anonymous said...

Well, not ALL the JLA got coated in Metal Men. Aquaman and a few others brought there own armor to the party.

Artie's duds have a strange "Creature from the Black Lagoon" quality to it. I kinda like ... okay, I bought the damn thing also and I'm trying to justify the purchase ...

"Cravenly" is a bit strong though, Rob, doncha think?

Anonymous said...

Can you at least take the helmet off and see Artie underneath???

Adama said...

Yeah...not a huge fan of that fig either. There wasn't a Green Arrow in that line, was there? My own Obsessive Collector gene won't let me rest if there's an Ollie fig out thee that I don't own.

Anonymous said...

There's a regular GA, non-armored from the Justice line.

This is where Justice lost me. Aside from the cool Batman armor looking like the 66 Batmobile, I thought this did reek of the dreaded toy-tie-in.


Anonymous said...

"Fire-Suit Aquaman!"

"Outer-Space Aquaman!"


"Aquaman Orange & Aquaman Green!"


-Craig W.