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Monday, March 17, 2008

Super Powers Puffy Stickers - 1984

These are some super-fun and super-cheery Super Powers puffy stickers, complete with album to paste 'em in to!

I bought these MIP, and I couldn't quite bring myself to tear it open, so I don't know what the sticker album looks like on the inside(any of you out there have it?). Consequently, I don't know what stickers lie beneath, althought I can make out Brainiac peeking out next to Superman's elbow.

As you can see, the Aquaman sticker is one his classic poses, and they bothered to include something you didn't see much, a Green Arrow puffy sticker!


Anonymous said...

Call me old fashioned, but the Super Powers era represents the character's at their zenith. At the height of story and art sophistication, but before "hip" creators decided to tear them down one by one and make them angst-ridden, angry, and overly violent.

In other words, that is one swell sticker set!


Anonymous said...

If I were you, I would open it just to see what I have! :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree... I dont care how campy people think those times were, but they were the best, unlike the current "superhero shows only in the last page of his own book and the rest of the pages are just a bunch of shadows". I love José Luis García Lopez.

Scurvy said...

Man, that nails it exactly. I love Super Powers merchandise, and even the old commercials which can be found on YouTube. Makes me feel like I am 10 years old ageain just seeing the logo.