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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fisherman Who's Who Entry - 1986

This is yet another Who's Who entry I missed the first time around, of Aquaman's dreaded foe Fisherman (odd, shouldn't it be The Fisherman?).

Anyway, it's drawn by then-JLA penciler Luke McDonnell and inked by Bill Wray, and it looks quite spiffy. I'm not familiar with this different costume he's wearing, but I have to say it is a tad less goofy than the one he normally wears.


Siskoid said...

And yet, he's still a guy with an unfortunate belt appliance.

rob! said...

no sit-ups for the Fisherman!

Anonymous said...

You know, reworked and freed from his gimick-y-ness, the Fisherman could be a great villain...and I don't mean the way Busiek did it. Still, he ALMOST looks cool here. It wouldn't take very much to push him over into awesome.

Nerites said...


I love this place
and a friend of mine did an Aquaman piece, here:

Thought you would like it.
Keep up the awesome job!

Derek said...

I liked Busiek's take of the Fisherman. First issue of Aquaman I ever bought (which lead to many, many more).