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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Big Bang Theory - 2007

sgThis still from CBS' new show The Big Bang Theory is courtesy our newest F.O.A.M. member John Lijewski III. Welcome aboard, John, but remember--that certificate is not legal tender in all fifty states.

I knew that the show is about two self-professed nerds, but eagle-eyed John caught last week's episode, where the character of Sheldon(played by actor Jim Parsons) can seen wearing an Aquaman t-shirt. Good catch, John!

Considering that this episode aired just last week, and that Aquaman got mentioned(again!) on last Sunday's Simpsons, I'd say the Sea King is having a pretty good week, pop culture-wise!


Rick L. Phillips said...

I saw the show one week when the character was wearing a Flash T-shirt. Nice to see they are putting comic book fans on tv I just wish it was one of the more normal characters.

Anonymous said...

Tartar sauce!
I missed it. My son and I were watching the spongebob cartoon Atlantis Squarepantis instead.
C Healy