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Monday, November 19, 2007

Surf & Turf #'s 4 & 5

sgI haven't done new issues of Surf & Turf for awhile, so it's high time to continue the story of the Aquaman Team-Up Book That Never Was.

The cover to issue #2 was by Alex Ross, #3 by Neal Adams(I spared no expense), and I continue that tradition here, by tapping George Perez to do the cover to #4, and Jim Aparo for the Aquaman/Superman issue(no, not the Batman one!--I am so clever).

We continue our storyline involving the Lord of Time or something, and Aquaman and various original JLAers have to go to various different eras to stop him from messing with the time stream.

Oh, and I might work in Roy Raymond, TV Detective, too. Just for kicks.


Diabolu Frank said...

The Lord of Time has faced his ultimate defeat at the hands of the Justice League-- his power and very essence divided into parts and sent by our heroes to lands far, yet familiar. The Lord of Time sends his last flickering of his consciousness backward through the timestream, hoping to alter the events leading to his end. So far it has failed to halt the inevitable, meerly supplying the heroes an opportunity to frustrate it in entirely new ways.

J'Onn J'Onzz is pulling his portion of Time through space to the graveyard that is his homeworld, Mars. Suddenly, the sands of Mars run ever backward, revealing a time when the world and the Manhunter's people yet lived. J'Onzz is aware of what Time is up to, add telepathically contacts his friend and the hero at the flshpoint of this mess, Aquaman.

Even in reverse time, Aquaman has already dealt with the Lord enough times to be wary of his ways, but is unable to halt the chronal backlash that comes with J'Onzz's contact. Like J'Onn, Arthur too is transported to his own past, his own family, on the eve of it's destruction at the hands of Black Manta. In Atlantis and upon Mars, both our heroes are faced with a decision-- can they alter their own tragic pasts, and if so, is it worth the horrors that may be visited on others by their absence?

Embued with chronal energy, these questions are answered, in a sense. Artie Jr. lives, as his mother twists him with her own growing madness, thanks to the pollution of Earth's waters. Artie becomes Mordu to King Arthur, placing him in a position where he must slay his own son to defend Atlantis, a thing which he cannot do.

J'Onn gathers his wife and child, fleeing their home before H'Ronmeer's Plague can be visited upon them. Mars yet burns, and with no one to halt his onslaught, Malefic accesses the Phantom Zone to lead the White Martians in sadistic conquest of the Sol System.

In an instant, the visions leave our heroes, bith resolved to allow time to progress as they know it. However, neither has faith in the other's ability to stay the course, and the pair reverse roles. Now, Aquaman wanders through the ruins of Mars, surrounded by death, while the Manhunter looks on invisibly as an innocent child slowly suffocates.

On Mars, Arthur rips into the red sands withn his gloved hands and all the power behind them, burying his portion of Time deep. With grim resolve, so too does the immaterial Manhunter stowe the heart of Time in the labyrnthine depths of Poseidonis. J'Onzz must then guide Arthur in the use of his Mrtian starship on his return to Earth, allowing the pair time to console one another, while the Lord of Time continues to plot and dissipate...

Rick L. Phillips said...

As always I love it. You can count on this showing up tomorrow on Mail it to Team-Up.

Anonymous said...

Okay Rob, T'm officially stumped. Where the heck is that Aparo Superman from? Aparo so rarely got a chance to draw the character. It doesn't appear to be from a World's Finest cover - a Diegest cover perhaps?

rob! said...

its from an issue of DCCP, where Supes teamed up with Batman and the Outsiders!

Anonymous said...

You know, after you end "Crisis In Atlantis" I'd like to see Aquaman team up with The Phantom Stranger, The Metal Men (art by Lopez?), and Batgirl. :-)

K.B. said...

APARO IS AQUAMAN !!! (cool ideas.)