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Friday, August 03, 2007

(Black) Manta Week, Part 5: Heroclix - 2006

sgNot being a gamer of any sort, I never have any clue when there's an Aquaman-related piece of gaming merchandise. Luckily, my good pals over at All Things Fun keep their eyes out for me, and snag any Aqua-item that crosses their path.

So a few months ago as I came in to pick up my comics, Ed of ATF handed me this little beauty, free of charge! I was thrilled with their attention not to mention their generosity.

It is a neat figure--the proportions are cool, and I like the pose. I picture him standing on cliff underwater somewhere, waiting to get the drop on Aquaman...

Bonus:Sketch by Doug Slack from 6/13/07:

sgI'd be remiss in my round-up of All Things Manta if I didn't include this sketch(or a portion of, at least) done for me by my pal Doug Slack of Aquaman, since Doug threw in Manta as well!

Manta looks so cool here, all hunched over, ready to strike!


Anonymous said...

I've got the Aquaman figure on my desk, and I gave my "arch-enemy" who sits behind me this Black Manta figure. When I showed him this page earlier, he laughed.

Anonymous said...

I swear man, it's figures like that that make me wish I was a kid and could get into Heroclix without my wife rolling her eyes at me......