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Thursday, August 02, 2007

(Black) Manta Week, Part 4: Who's Who Entry - 1985


This is Manta's super-cool entry in the third issue of Who's Who, art courtesy Bill Willingham and Romeo Tanghal. I like his hands in those "It's all mine--all mine!!" classic super-villain contortions.

There isn't much info on Manta, though how DC knows his marital status is single is anyone's guess.


Bonus:Aquaman/Black Manta Super Friends Set from 11/28/06:

sgAnother beautiful piece from DC Direct. When I think of Aquaman (oh, and I do), this tends to be the one I think of, since as a kid I was totally addicted to the Super Friends show.

The sculpting, the colors, the presentation...all of it is just beautiful. I would've loved it if DC Direct had gone all the way and made a scale Legion of Doom headquarters for all the villains to hang out in, but what the heck. I can take an old Darth Vader style Star Wars Action Figure Collectors Case and it'll be close enough.


Doug said...

Man alive! Those old Who's Who comics were classic! Fabulous art before everyone was doing pin-ups and covers for a living. The back inside cover was the best with the rundown of where the characters were/would be appearing. Awesome stuff!

Loving Black Manta week!

chunky B said...

That IS some awesome art! And the figures are really cool, I have that set myself, Superfriends was the greatest cartoon!