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Saturday, August 04, 2007

(Black) Manta Week, Part 6: "Justice" Action Figure - 2006

sgBlack Manta played a big role in the Alex Ross mini-series Justice, and so when it came time to make action figures, Manta was an early addition(there's a companion Aquaman figure, of course, and we'll post that here one day, too).

It's really hard to render his helmet realistically, since if its off a touch it can look really goofy, and I think there's a little of that here, but overall its a nice figure and I like how sleek Manta looks; plus that weapon he's got just looks really nasty.


Anonymous said...

Rob, you didn't mention that this is the only Manta figure where you can actually take his helmet off! That ups the awesome-ness of it atleast a few percentage points, don't you think??

rob! said...

Gah, you're right! the fig's in storage and i forgot all about that!