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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

JLA Stock Art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez


I know I just posted a piece of Garcia Lopez stock art on Saturday, but who doesn't love looking at this stuff? It's all

As an eternal DC fan, I'm always sorta fascinated by the hierarchy of how certain characters are treated. The Big Three (+ Robin) get the top spots, of course, and then you have Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, which is usually the order they get added onto merchandise.

But then you've got that one extra slot...who gets it? Hawkman, who was tapped for the first wave of
Super Powers figures? Green Arrow, who got it here? Martian Manhunter? Naaah.... maybe you go for more gender appeal, and slot in Supergirl or Batgirl. If it were me, I'd choose Ultraa, The Multi-Alien.

Of course, now I've said too much.


Anonymous said...

I always refer to this as "Super Powers" art, even though much of it was drawn two years before the Super Powers toyline launched. There's a reason DC is still using it on product. It's timeless, and gorgeous.

The figures of Superman and Batman were used as the header of the World's Finest letter column in the mid-80s. Of course, most of the letter cols switched to Garcia Lopez stock art at that time.

Show us some more!


-Keller said...

Brother Power the Geek? Nah!

Nerites said...

I love your Garcia-Lopez posts and your blog in general!

When i started reading it a new love for Aquaman emerged.

Congratulations - you have a fantastic site!

K.B. said...

GREAT SITE !!! It's about time Akaman got some respect.

rob! said...

thanks guys, and welcome to the blog! look around, there's lots to see and lots more to come!

this Shrine will not rest until Aquaman is as respected as Superman or Batman.

it may take a while.