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Monday, July 09, 2007

"Oh yeah, this is just SO cool" - 1974

sgThis was another funny shot I found in Amazing World of DC Comics #2. The caption says this is Debbie Ulrich, presumably a DC staffer, holding up the brand-new Super Adventure Colorforms Set, with Mssrs. Robin, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and of course Aquaman coming right towards us!

The thing I find funny about this is I can't tell whether Ms.Ulrich is genuinely excited, or if she's giving us that forced, semi-patronizing "yeah, this is great" look that many a male comic book fan has been on the receiving end of. Heck, I get that look from Tracy about once a week.

In any case, it's a cute picture, and it made DC circa 1974 look like a really fun place to be. What other office has a super-cool Gil Kane Green Lantern piece on the wall?


Rick L. Phillips said...

Yeah she looks like she is thinking just take the picture.

Anonymous said...

I remember her--BOY!, do I remember Debbie! I believe she worked down at the business end of the hall, for DC pres Sol Harrison. And, yes, odds are, she was muttering "Just take the damn picture, Jack!" through clenched teeth.

But DC WAS a fun place to work at in 1974. That Gil Kane piece, BTW, still hangs in the office, in one of the 7th floor conference rooms, I think. (I'm going up there today to meet a friend for lunch; I'll look!)


Anonymous said...

Haha, I've seen that look on my wife's face too....

Plaidstallions said...

That look should have a name.