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Friday, June 15, 2007

Sketch Week II, Part 5: Scott Neely - 2005


I came back to the 2005 Philadelphia ComiCon the next day, scoping out who I might like to get another sketch from. I came across the table of Scott Neely, an artist whose work I recognized from many of DC's Cartoon Network books(I buy a lot of them for the various nephews and nieces to give out), so I asked him for a sketch.

Scott looked a little flummoxed, asking something like "You know my style, right?" I said I did, and told him that's exactly what I was looking for. You see, as much as I want to get sketches from all the Great Aquaman Artists as well those I just really like, I also want to have a wide variety of art styles in there, too, so I thought a real cartoony Aquaman would be cool.

After a short time Scott handed me this and said "I went for a Super Friends kind of thing" which I thought was just great. He only asked me for a measly $10 which was a steal. Thanks Scott!

This was the last sketch I got at the con, though it wasn't for lack of trying: I knew that Walt Simonson was at the show, and being a huge fan of Walt's(who isn't?) I really hoped I could get a piece from him.

He was away from his table a lot(doing various events at DC's booth, I believe). I was camped out just a few yards away, waiting for him to return, and when he did I jumped into line. He actually started doing headshot sketches for free, which I thought was extraordinairily generous. I was fifth in line, behind a couple seemingly wanting Walt to sign, oh, I don't know, every comic book he ever drew. I sighed but waited my turn.

The people ahead of me just could not have taken more time(remind me to write my piece on ComiCon Etiquette sometime), and as Walt was drawing his fourth Beta Ray Bill in a row, someone with a DC badge came by and whispered in his ear. Uh-oh. He looked up and pointed to the people right in front of me and said, very politely, "Oh, I'm sorry, I have to stop after you guys."

Arrrrgghhhh!! I was so close!!

So even though I never would've dreamed of asking Walt for a free sketch, I wouldn't even get the chance to offer pay him for one. At that point I had had enough, and packed my book back into my bag and went home, feeling a tad defeated.

But I did get two sketches, so it was still a good con overall. And someday...someday...I'll get me an original Aquaman by Walt Simonson.


Luke said...

I like this one, very clean and energetic. I'm sure it would look great as a finished piece.

I've been reading through "Showcase Presents: Aquaman," and I wanted to ask you: what voice do you hear when you read Aquaman? I hear the voice from the old Filmation series if I'm reading an old school comic book, and the voice from that episode of "Superman: The Animated Series" for the later stuff (even the bearded one). Just curious, thanks for the cool posts!

rob! said...

hmm...probably Norman Alden as Aquaman. not only did i grow up with him as Aquaman, but after I had him talk to me directly AS AQUAMAN that pretty much cemented it for all time. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool story. Remind me to tell you my Alex Ross at the Chicagocon story some time. Not quite as interesting, but similar. And I love Walt Simonson's style, but did he ever actually draw anything with Aquaman in it?

rob! said...

Walt did one cover for Aquaman, thats it. but i dig his work so much i want a sketch big time!

i didnt see him at the philly con today so hopefully tomorrow...