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Monday, June 25, 2007

AquaSketch by Charles Howell - 2007


Great neptune, do I love this piece.

This wonderfully cheery portrait of the Sea King is by longtime F.O.A.M. member Charles Howell, the generous chap who provided the Shrine with the amusement-park-exclusive Aquaman plush doll a few months back. Charles and I have been in regular contact since then, and when I noticed a comment he made on the Plaid Stallions blog about having a G.I.Joe Adventure Record("The Secret Mission to Spy Island") as a kid, and how much he loved it, I emailed him to tell him he could have mine, since I had an extra(yes--an extra. I am that much of a nerd). I was thinking of selling it on ebay but would rather give it to someone who would cherish it, as Charles obviously would.

Charles then whipped up this absolutely bee-a-you-tiful piece as a completely unnecessary, but very appreciated, way to say thanks. Thank you, Charles!

(By the way--check out Charles' sketch blog to see more of his gorgeous illustration work!)


Anonymous said...

Wow! That IS beautiful! Nice to see a happy Aquaman for a change!

Anonymous said...

Totally great way to start the day. Thanks, both of you!

chunky B said...

I'm glad you like it Rob, I think I might try some other DC Super Heroes along with some more Aquaman for some future sketches, it was really fun to do and a pleasure to send! Thanks again!

Plaidstallions said...

Neat! Glad I'm somehow connected.