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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mego Week Preview: Mego Museum Trading Card - 2006

sgWe're starting another theme week tomorrow, highlighting all the various Aquaman items from the beloved Mego Toys company. But I thought I'd "preview" it with this, the super-cool Aquaman trading card that was part of a series produced to promote the Mego Museum.

As you can see, the cards are simply beautiful, with their wonderful use of color and design (plus fun Mego trivia on the back)! They were never for sale, so you can only get them by trading or by the kindness of some of the Museum's most ardent fans (I have been the beneficiary of that kindness many times over, which is how I have an almost complete set by now).

Anyway, the Mego items that will follow all this week come from two sources--my own collection, plus the more impressive collection of F.O.A.M. member Brian Heiler. Brian collects Megos with the ferocity Conan the Barbarian uses to find wine, women, and song; and he generously sent me some photos of his awesome Mego Aquaman collection. I was/am so jealous that I originally was going to call it "I Hate Brian Week", but that seemed sorta negative, and I want the Shrine to be a happy place.

Since over time the Shrine has grown from just being my collection to a history of Aquaman merch in general anyway, I'm happy to show off some of Brian's cool stuff, even if it does inspire murderous jealousy in me (I'm not proud of that).

So join us tomorrow to see some really fun stuff...by Mego!

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