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Monday, April 09, 2007

Mego Week, Part 1: Solid Front Box - 1972

sgThe Mego/Aquaman connection all started here, with the "solid-front"-style boxed Aquaman action figure, released in 1972. Aquaman was part of the initial line of four figures, along with Superman, Batman, and Robin (although this box comes from 1973, when Spider-Man, Captain America, and Tarzan had been added to the mix).

The solid-front boxes are some of the hardest to find, and consequently most expensive, Mego items out there. I am not yet fortunate enough to have one, so this beauty comes from the collection of F.O.A.M. member extraordinaire Brian Heiler. As you can see, Brian keeps his SF Aquaman in a bullet-proof chamber, which also works great for recreating Spock's death scene from Star Trek II (Mego's Aquaman for some reason has pointed ears, which would make it work even better).

As goofy as these Megos looks to modern audiences, anyone that grew up around this time are absolutely charmed by them, a feeling that hasn't dissipated over time.


Plaidstallions said...

Heh, that Aquaman is my sweet, sweet baby. After I got him and Superman, it was really hard to work up the excitement to look for Batman and Robin.

Rick L. Phillips said...

I had Superman and Spider-man. I lost Superman but I still have and love my Spider-man. I always hated the gloves that they gave characters like Aquaman and Batman. They looked more like oven mits. Who fights crime with an ovenmit?