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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who's Who Figurine - 2006

sgThis is part of a fun line of mini-figurines (about 2" high) of various DC characters. Each character box comes with a "mystery piece" that, when combined with other the MPs from other character boxes, forms a complete scene or object. Originally, DC decided to leave the character's identity inside a mystery also; you didn't know who you got until you opened it.

I guess they've abandoned that, since my Aquaman had his name helpfully checked off on the back of the box. Good--I'm not dropping some coin on what I think is Aquaman, only to open it at home and get Red Tornado. Sheesh.

Overall, the product is pretty nice--I like the packaging, the bonus card (Brian Bolland art!), the Who's Who moniker...although Arthur himself is a tad bulky. The mystery piece for this wave of figurines is a part of the JLA satellite (which, as we all know, is in geosyncronous orbit above Metropolis), which, if I bothered to collect the other pieces, would make a really nifty Christmas tree ornament.

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