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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aquaman Archives Volume 1 - 2003

sgAfter many years of begging, DC finally gave us Aquaman fans his own Archive Edition. I was very excited about this, since much lesser DC lights had cut ahead of Arthur in the Archives line (Hawkman? The Legion?) and I felt Aquaman was due.

The stories are all reprinted from his run in Adventure Comics, drawn the incomparable Ramona Fradon. While the artwork is top-notch, the stories are fun, if a bit repetitive when read one after the other (which of course they were never intended to be in the first place, to be fair).

Since DC was not starting at the beginning with Aquaman--i.e. More Fun Comics #73 and onward--I wondered why DC didn't begin with the Nick Cardy-drawn run in Aquaman #1, where there was a bit more continuity from issue to issue. Or if you wanted to get even cooler, the Steve Skeates-Jim Aparo run later on in the series. Those were about the best Aquaman comics ever, IMO, but have yet to be collected in any sort of permanent format.

Three years on, there is still no Volume 2, so I'm betting this is it for Aquaman archive editions. Which is really too bad, since his stories really started kicking into gear right when Volume 2 would start...

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