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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Post Cereal Giveaway Poster - 1979

sgI had seen this item on ebay from time to time, but always just a bit more than I was really willing to spend. But then I saw it last week for $20, and that seemed to fair to me and I snapped it up.

This was one of a series of 15x20" giveaway posters by Post Cereal in 1979. I don't know if they were ever actually released, since the auction for it had this intriguing description:
They were "rescued" from being destroyed when the printing house went bankrupt. These are very rare premiums plus they are UNFOLDED prior to the mailing. So I'm not sure whether all of the posters were "rescued" (read: probably stolen) or just these ones up for auction (this seller was also selling a Bat-Family one by Garcia-Lopez, and a Flash by, again, Aparo, which is odd, since he rarely drew the Flash).

In any case, it's a nice poster, with art by my favorite Aquaman artist, Jim Aparo. The figure is taken from his cover to Aquaman (first series) #59, with a new background inserted. It's swell.

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