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Friday, December 15, 2006

Aquaman Who's Who Entry - 1991

sgKeeping with our informal Who's Who theme, here is Aquaman's entry in DC's 1991 Who's Who series. Normally I wouldn't consider a page from a comic book as merchandise, but this was part of DC's second, ultimately wrong-headed Who's Who series, which featured separate, hole-punched pages, and only chose to profile characters currently in play in the DCU.

I say wrong-headed, because I don't know anyone who didn't
hate the loose-leaf page format, and the decision to only use "current" players got rid of one of the most fun aspects of DC's original Who's Who series--the profiles of long-forgotten characters from the dusty corners of the DC Universe.

Anyway, this page is drawn by Ken Hooper, the then-artist of the Aquaman solo series. While I really don't want to be too tough on artists, since I know how much you have to know just to be a bad one, this is really a dull piece. You can't see most of Arthur, he looks perturbed, and he's just floating there, not doing anything exciting. This page would not sell anyone on Aquaman who isn't already sold.

Luckily, some nicer ones lie ahead...

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Plaidstallions said...

I still have that binder in my garage including the Impact universe characters. I was really gung ho into this but eventually never finished it.