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Monday, October 30, 2006

US Postage Stamps - 2006

sgWith the art for the Marvel stamps now released, I thought this was a good time to highlight the beautiful ones done for DC over the summer.

Excited was not the word for when I learned I was going to be able to actually have, and use, Aquaman stamps. While the choice of cover shot is odd to me (Curt Swan was never one of the great Aquaman artists, and this particular cover looks like he's suffering from a really bad headache), the choice of Jim Aparo for the other stamp cannot be faulted. Jim always gave Aquaman a strong, heroic feel, and he was the perfect choice to represent the Sea King.

When these came out, I bought about ten sheets so I'll have nothing but DC superheroes on my mail for quite a while.

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Kidbilly said...

Hey, BIG Aquaman freak here too. Except, I only like the clean cut one, not the Fabio looking one. :) I have a nice Aquaman collection too. I'm trying to find a copy--even a JPEG of the full body painting of him by Alex Ross. I'm getting an Aquaman Tattoo and am trying to find the best full body shot of him. Email me if you have that or other suggestions. crooner@maine.rr.com. Just put "Aquaman" in the subject!