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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Bronze" Medallion - 1985

Publish PostsgI guess this is what you get when you place third in the Superhero Olympics.

Actually, this is part of an absurdly-vast line of "medallions" from the mid 80s. What are these things for, exactly? Beats me. Hard to believe someone, hip-deep in Reaganomics at the time, would really find some use in their life for this silly little thing (not like now, of course, when nothing interesting is going on).

The most (only?) interesting thing though is on the back, where this company ("American Medallion Corporation") lists all the different "Cartoon Celebrities" that got their own medallions--collect 'em all! There's Superman (two different ones), Batman, Archie (sure), Brenda Starr (you bet), Green Lantern (interesting), Joker (um, ok), Penguin (huh?), and then we get really weird, with medallions for Wimpy, Beetle Bailey, Junior and Honey Moon (???), Mr. and Mrs. Dithers (Blondie supporting characters??) and someone disturbingly just known as "Killer." And finally, there's a Veronica one, but no Betty. Now we know what kind of guys ran this company...

Still, nice Aquaman art, in any case.

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