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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vs. Promo Shirt - 2006

sgI got this swell shirt from the swell folks at my local comics shop, All Things Fun. They hold a lot of gaming competitions there, and are always up on the newest gaming swag.

Not knowing a thing about that subject, it was enormously cool of them to put aside this item for me, one of a series of promo shirts for the "Vs." game. Not only is the shirt in that nice, bright Aquaman-orange, it has a beautiful Alex Ross painting on the back! Sa-weet!

When I told one of the gang, Dee, at ATF (All Things Fun, not Alcahol, Tobacco, and Firearms) that I was afraid to wear the shirt for fear for tearing or spilling something on it, she promptly gave me a spare. What a sweetheart.

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Tegan said...

Oooh, now I'm jealous. No, wait, I've been jealous for awhile. You have a great collection, and you've only started showing it!