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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Candy Comic - 1981

sgWe finish off our Aquaman Dinner Party with a little candy for dessert (I know, it makes no sense, just go with me on this). This was a mini-comic, packaged with some enamel-destroying candy by the Leaf company (whoever that is). I'm not exactly sure where and in what capacity these were sold, but they're a nice little treat that you don't see a lot of anymore. As usual, this was one of a series, along with the usual DC suspects.

As the cover suggests, this 14-page comic re-tells the origin of Aquaman(before they went and screwed it all up), with art by Don Heck and cover by the always-rock-solid Dick Giordano.


ds said...

I'm pretty sure Leaf made baseball cards..

rob! said...


BronzeTiger said...

Yeah Leaf makes baseball cards and non sports cards, these were produced and came in boxes of 36 with a variety of main stream DC characters covered. You can still find a case occasionally on EBAY, there was on there last week as a matter of fact.