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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Super Friends Party Napkins - 1978

sgOh, did you spill some water from your Aquaman glass? Here, wipe it up with some Super Friends napkins, festooned with beautiful Alex Toth art.

I had these, along with the other SF birthday-party stuff, for my fifth and sixth birthdays. Good times.

I had originally thought I would exclude any SF stuff as part of the Aquaman collection, since he's mostly just along for the ride. But as I've discovered, Arthur isn't on every piece of SF merchandise--some merchandisers deciding to leave either him or Robin off if they were pressed for space on the package. In some cases, it's clear whoever the maker was, they didn't want to spring for the extra colors using Aquaman would require, so they stuck to the primary-colored Super Friends.

So now if I find some piece of Super Friends merchandise, and Aquaman is on it, I get it. Hell, it's mainly because of the show that Aquaman has such a surprisingly-high presence in pop culture in the first place.

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