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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pepsi Glass - 1978

sgOk, I'm up late so I'm doing a special super-duper bonus update for all you millions of Aquaman fans. Enjoy!

This is part of another series of Pepsi glasses featuring DC characters, from 1978. The funny thing is, these look older to me than the "moon" series from 1976--as you can see, they went a little cheap with the colors, and got rid of all the yellow. "Aquaman, with orange hair? Good enough!" Plus, the art isn't any artistic style I recognize, nor is it classic stock art that the 1976 series used. So, I'm all left with are questions.

On a separate note, my original plan was to only update the shrine twice a week, which would ensure I have something new to post for at least two years. But I've gotten such a good response, and am having so much fun doing this, that I feel compelled to put something up every single day. So now, to keep up, I find myself cruising ebay more, in search of Aquaman stuff I don't yet own. This shrine is gonna drive me to the poor house!

I hope you're all happy.

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Dixon said...

I can't speak for everyone, but I'm happy! This is a fantastic blog, and I've been stopping in every day to see the latest treasure. Keep up the good work!