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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Aquaman Episode 34 - Three Wishes to Trouble


Aquaman Episode 34 
- "Three Wishes to Trouble" by Bob Haney

While on patrol, Aqualad and Tusky find a weird old jug sitting among a wrecked ship. Aqualad opens the jug and out pops...Snork The Genie!

Aqualad is granted three wishes (of course), and the first thing he asks for is a giant robot. His wish is granted, and he commands the robot to clean up all the debris laying around this part of the ocean. Unfortunately the robot does its job too well, using its powerful suction to dredge up everything in its path, including Tusky and Storm!


Aqualad consults Snork, using his section wish to ask for a "giant robot smasher." Snork complies and the robot is destroyed. Aquaman arrives demanding to know what the hell is going on, and Aqualad tells him about Snork. The Sea King tells his young irresponsible charge to get that genie back in the jug, but Aqulad doesn't quite comply. Instead, he uses his third wish to ask for telepathic powers similar to Aquaman's!

Aqualad does the vu-vu-vu thing, accidentally releasing a small army of mutant fish who go on a rampage! He tries to command them back into the dark cave they came from, but he finds his powers gone. When queried, Snork cheekily points out that Aqualad asked for the powers "one time only", and he has fulfilled that wish. Realizing he's in trouble, Aqualad calls on Aquaman who uses his powers to get his finny friends on the case, forcing the angry sea creatures back from where they came.:


Aquaman has had enough, commanding a puffer fish to come and suck up Snork. He then spits the genie back in the jug, with Aqualad sealing it back up. The End!

This is the second episode in a row where Aqualad does something really stupid and Aquaman has to pull his fat out the fire. Sidekicks, am I right?

Snork The Genie is right out of Central Cartoon Casting, with a funny voice and a slightly more cartoony visage. He did a few guest spots on other cartoons like Shazzan and The Brady Kids before retiring and settling down in Laurel Canyon. His lawsuit against Hanna-Barbera regarding their Snorks animated show was not successful.


Anthony said...

So a giant robot running amok, and later some mutants forced "back where they belong"? Wonder if Namor/the X-Men got wind of this before the "Marvel vs. DC" fight... :-p

What was that slightly disappearing jug at the end? And they didn't just bury it somewhere (like with all those mutants or something)?

As for Snork's post-Aquaman-career, figure he'd at least hang around Filmation to work as a set advisor for other wacky magical Filmation creatures like Bat-Mite (on their "Batman" 70s series), Mr. Mxyzptlk over on the "Superman" half of the show, or Orko on "He-Man". ;-)

Earth 2 Chris said...

I haven't seen this one in a while. Was Snork voiced by Lou Scheimer himself, like all the annoying Filmation characters? I think he had a clause in his contract that said he got right of refusal on those.