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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Convergence: Justice League #2


Comics Weekend "Convergence" by Frank Tieri, Vicente Cifuentes, and Monica Kubina.

Jade, Zatanna, Supergirl, and Jesse Quick head down to Atlantis to rescue Mera, who has been kidnapped by Flashpoint Aquaman. At one point Jade thinks that's who she is fighting, but it turns out to be Ocean Master in disguise. So where's Aquaman?


Eventually Aquaman and Supergirl square off, leading to the Girl of Steel about to be skewered by a Kryptonite-tipped trident. Luckily for her, Mera steps in and manages to fool Arthur with her feminine wiles. It also helps that Flashpoint Aquaman is apparently dumber than a bag of rocks.

This issue--and series--ends on a sad(?) note, with Aquaman sitting on his throne, about to die. Comics are fun!


Anonymous said...

How could anything with Flashpoint characters in it NOT be fun, Rob? ;)

I hope the Hawkman books are less grim and ugly.

r duncan said...

"CHUK" The sound effect for getting stabbed in the back.

And would Mera REALLY say "friggin'"? I don't think so.

Designer Daddy said...

This is probably the worst comics cover featuring Aquaman (scratch that, worst of any kind) that I have ever seen. As an artist, I understand the pains of criticism, but... this is just plain BAD. Poorly rendered, weird facial expressions, and just all-around ugly.

Words Seem Out of Place said...

bentongrey: I read the first issue of Convergence: Hawkman and loved it. Fun all around story from Jeff Parker and great art from Tim Truman. Part of the joy is seeing Truman draw the Hawks again, and this time from the Shadow War era. I am eagerly awaiting issue two. That said, I only read three Convergence tie-ins - Hawks, Shazam (AWESOME!), and Batman & The Outsiders (also good).

Too bad this one seems likes a dud.

Anonymous said...

Good god... and I thought the 60s cartoon and all that crap from the 90s was bad... but this somehow manage to be worse...