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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Aquaman Episode 30 - The Vicious Villainy of Vassa

Aquaman Episode 30 - "The Vicious Villainy of Vassa" by Oscar Bensol

The villainous Vassa is back, with a new plan: using a series of laser drills to burrow into the sea floor. The plan? To attack Atlantis from underneath! Vassa did fracking way before it was cool.
Meanwhile, the Aqua-Team ("and Mera", the narrator adds) is in Atlantis, talking to its Minister of Defense. A new alarm system has been put in, alerting the citizens of trouble. And it's going off now!

Suddenly, several geysers of water spring up in the middle of the city, spewing gallons of water into the air. Aquaman and Aqualad head off to investigate, and are met by some of Vassa's Mer-Men. Back in Atlantis, the water level rises, so Mera heads out to see if she can help. She is spotted by Vassa and kidnapped via a water vortex:
Aquaman and Aqualad make short work of the Mer-Men, but then the Sea King finds himself about to be zapped by one of Vassa's laser cannons. Mera frees herself from her Mer-Man captor long enough to redirect the beam, saving Aquaman's life!

He then swims aboard Vassa's ship, and starts cracking Mer-Men skulls. He then orders some giant mantas to cover the holes in Atlantis' floor, stopping the water from rising. Vassa and her henchmen are then put to work, pumping out the water. The End!

This episode has some fun, relatively "new" stuff to look at: the background paintings of Atlantean architecture, plus Mera plays a larger role than usual. And I could watch Aquaman bonk Mer-Men heads together all day!


Anthony said...

Nice to see Mera get to do something, though actually punching her majesty out would've been even *more* useful.

Interesting how the show emphasizes the precarious air-reliant state the Atlanteans are always in.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

That pic of Vassa crooning into the microphone like she's doing a Billy Holiday cover tickles me.

Earth 2 Chris said...

No matter how many times they use it per episode, I still love those rotoscoped scenes of Aquaman and Aqualad swimming right past the camera as seen in the title card here.