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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Aquaman Episode 31 - The Programmed For Destruction

Aquaman Episode 31 - "The Programmed For Destruction" by Dennis Marks

My favorite Guns N' Roses album!

On a remote island, The Brain (oh great, him again) is working on yet another plan to destroy Aquaman. This time it involves building a computer that has every known fact about the Sea King, so when it is asked how to kill him, it spits out a perfect plan!

In this case, the plan is to create a "buoyancy ray" that will force Aquaman to float to the surface. Such a ray comes from certain crystals buried in the sea floor, so the Brain orders his men to head to a particularly mineral-rich part of the ocean.
Aquaman and Aqualad get wind of this, and engage the Brain's mini-henchmen. One of them zaps Aqualad with a freeze ray, rendering him immobile. Aquaman gets hit with it too, but they get free thanks to some high frequency soundwaves emitted by some dolphin pals.

Meanwhile, the Brain has distilled enough of the crystals' energy to be used for the buoyancy ray. They aim it at Aqualad and some finny friends, causing them all to head to the surface! Aquaman heads into a nearby cave, marshalling the help of weird fish he calls "cyclops." When the Brain hits Aqualad with the buoyancy ray, it opens its mouth revealing one giant glass eye! The beam is directed back at the Brain's ship, causing it to rise:
Aquaman then sneaks aboard, reversing the beam's polarity, allowing Aqualad and the rest to return to the deep. The Brain's ship is smashed by a whale with Aquaman atop, meaning the threat is over...for now.

Oh Brain, when will you ever learn? There are numerous shots of his henchmen standing around, just sort of looking at each other. Of course that was Filmation's way of filling some time without having to create new animation, but I tend to think it was the little Brain guys muttering to each other what a feeb their boss is.


Anthony said...

Wonder if the Brain's getting ideas from some dimwitted British-accented sidekick of his... "Egad, *brilliant*, Brain! Oh, no, wait, no, what if Aquaman reverses polarity?" "Don't be ridiculous... that's the oldest science fiction cliche in the book!"

Axel Rose of Guns 'n' Roses fame would've been five years old when this episode aired... maybe he was a Sea King fan at a young age? ;-)

Earth 2 Chris said...

I'm a sucker for when low-budget cartoons actually spend some extra cash and put shadows on screen. That Super Friends episode about Liquid Light captivated me as a kid.